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Toronto 16-5-2 after 1-9-1 start for 17-14-3 record.


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TORONTO, ONTARIO -- If anyone were to say it was an unfortunate start for the Toronto Legion... we would hope people would agree with those making the claims. The Legion were tossed away, called out, and forgotten about after their abysmal 1-9-1 start to season seventy four and for good reason. The on ice product fans received was irritatingly uncharacteristic of an otherwise 'strong on paper' roster, but perhaps the Legion were biting off more than they could metaphorically chew. 


Now, however, the Legion have regrouped into one of the hottest teams in the Victory Hockey League. Every player is contributing, everyone is playing their roles, and the entire team is supporting one another both on the ice and away from the rink. An impressive 16-5-2 record, the best record in the North American conference since the first eleven games, has propelled them into a playoff position the roster hopes to keep secured. 

Scoring has come from nearly every angle, players are rising up to new challenges, and newcomers are starting to blend in well with the new identity the Legion are merging into. The Legion of late weren't the Legion of early, and we're excited to see how far this team climbs.  

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