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(S75) D - Thunder Dick, TPE: 66


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Welcome to the VHL


I am the GM of the Miami Marauders and we would like to offer you a spot on our roster. In Miami we have grown a strong Brother/Sisterhood over the couple seasons we have been in the league. Alumni still come back to enjoy their time in the Miami Locker room because of the bond we have built. Miami is looking to make it back into the playoffs this season after making it to the finals last season and to do that we need active players who are going to put in the work to become elite players. 


Coming to Miami means you will have the chance at getting top 4 minutes. You will likely start on the second pair but as long as you remain active moving up the line up is definitely a possibility. Every team in this league has a family and Miami is no different. If you want to be a part of the Marauder's then quote this offer and "accept." I will send you your contract and get you into our locker room and into the line up right away!


Good luck no matter what you decide!


Miami Marauders GM

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Hey there! Welcome to the league! I'm Hatter, AGM for the Minnesota Storm. Last season we won the Founder's Cup, but have lost a few players to graduation! So, we are looking to sign some waiver players to fill out our roster, and would love to have you join us :) We can offer you time on the second pairing at the moment with some more possibilities the more active you are! 




Feel free to listen to offers, and I hope your time here at the VHL is fantastic! Please let me know if you have any questions!

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