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TPE II Talks Staying Down


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"I was happy to be drafted, I thought I would have gone up by then, but nah, they asked me to stay down for another season or two to develop further. Man, it sucks to hear that, I was angry, and sad, at that time, but looking back, I kinda understand it now. I need some extra days to calm myself down but now I can understand it's a long grind, and if they don't think I am ready yet, then I will be happy to stay down and learn more. The minors is not that bad and I already understand what I am up to when I first came to this league. This is not an easy league at all, I need to be prepared to grind to eventually get to the big league. I am ready, but I am also impatient. No one would want to stay in the minors for too long, and everyone who could be at this level had to be confident and competitive. I am no exception, but I also know that being impatient is not going to work.


I will work hard to make my dream a reality, day in and day out. Hopefully I will get a nod to debut in the VHL next season. You all better watch out, cuz this man's hungry!"

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