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Minner Minute Episode 11 Week of October 4, 2020


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Hello everyone, and welcome back to your regularly scheduled episode of Minner Minute! Apologies for cutting it close this week, I’ve been busy! Here at Minner Minute, I’ll attempt to answer as many submitted questions as I can in one minute. Let’s do this!


Q: Hey Minner, how’s it feel to play in Vegas. How is it different to Houston?


A: Vegas has been great! I’m more of the type to stay away from the... nightlife. But I still love this city, and the team has been great. One aspect I can say seems different is the defense. I don’t mean to knock the old group from Houston, but they were full-tilt offense, whereas Vegas is more well-rounded. 

Q: You’ve had a strong start to the season despite everything going on. How have you kept yourself in the groove?


A: It’s been pretty rough on all of us, but I’ve managed it pretty well. I just have to keep playing my game. I know what I can do and how well I can perform, so I hold myself to those high standards. I try not to be too fancy out there, stick to the basics and I make it work.


Q: What is your favorite part of Vegas so far?


A: That’s tough to answer. It’s a combination of things really. My teammates and the team staff are amazing, the atmosphere is so energetic it feels like we’re in the middle of a thunderstorm sometimes, and the fans give us more love than we could ever ask for. Playing here has been a blessing for me. 

Okay everyone, that’s gonna wrap it up. Thank you for this week’s questions @Spartanand @JigglyGumballs! I look forward to hearing your questions for next week everyone! Until then, have a good week!

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