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Kevin King - Rookie Profile


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            After two seasons in the VHLM, Kevin King graduated to the VHL. His 24 goals and 48 points encompass a 102 games career that was marred by underperformance and underachievement. He made it through 21 playoff game, racking up 14 points and reaching the Founder’s Cup Finals in his final season with Miami but was unable to raise the Founder’s Cup after falling to Minnesota. Next came his callup to the VHL. King was drafted and would play his first VHL hockey with the Vancouver Wolves.


            Excitement was in the air as King looked to parlay his late season and playoff success into a full VHL career. He would continue to grow and develop as a player while taking on his role as an AGM for the San Diego Marlins. He continued to cap, continued to train as his role for the upcoming season was determined.


            King’s season began before the season. Expectations instead, were replaced with uncertainty as King’s role on the Wolves was clouded. With third year Centermen Andrew Su the future of the Wolves and slated to be the top guy down the middle, and veteran Brock Louth still available, King was set to debut on the third line or possibly the wing. It was just before the season he would be placed on the wing and with that the expectations could begin. With the beginning of the season, King set his sights high. With a renewed offense and a chance to be a showcase, King had hopes of starting hot, competing for some ROTY honors. King set a goal of 20 goals and 45 points for the season.


            Unfortunately, 35 games into his rookie season King is well under those marks. He’s solidly out of the rookie of the year race. King (and subsequently Moose) were concerned that the season would bring more frustration as the adjustment to the VHL continued his shaky career from the minors. There was a lot of anxiety about how King would fair once again being on the lower end of the TPE pool. To this writing, those fears have come to pass as he sits well under projection. Underperforming at every turn. It’s a sad, but not hopeless position. King can and will likely pull his season around. Over the past two seasons, King has posted more than 62% of his total production in the second half of the season. It’s a career trend that’s followed King even from his days before the VHL where he would have early success before going on long scoreless periods throughout the first half of the season. He later finds great success in the second half of the season.


            So ultimately, King’s graduation to the VHL has been rocky, much like his career. He expected as much and has seen a lot of ups and downs in his short time as a player. His continued work on a money reform and growth as a front office personnel has kept not only King but Moose active in the league as Moose has recently struggled with how things have fared. It is our hope that he has been able to pull through and will be a valued member of the league for years to come.

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