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Dragons Six In a Row


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DC On a Roll


Don't look now, but the DC Dragons have won 6 straight games, and are 8-2-0 in their last 10. Of course, now that I make this article and talk about it, I will take full blame for a loss tomorrow. Let's take a look at the Dragons last few wins.


:ldn:Moscow Menace vs. DC Dragons :dcd: 3-1 W

In their last game, the Dragons had a big performance by their goaltender, and managed to win 3-1, despite the uneven shots. Guy Lesieur scored at 11:05 in the 1st Period to open this one, with assists going to Ricky Johnson and Xavier leFlamant. Soon after, Groovy Dood took a penalty and the Moscow Menace capitalized on the PP, with a goal Pietro Angellini, assisted by Wolf Stansson. I don't know much about the Menace, but Pietro's 6th goal and Wolf's 9th assist sound like low numbers to be PP unit scorers, but that's just me. Late in the period, Xavier leFlamant scored his 16th of the season to put the Dragons up by 1 heading into the 2nd Period. In the 2nd, Xavier leFlamant scored his 17th and 2nd of the game to put the Dragons up 3-1, with assists going to Johnson and Dood. This score would hold up for the rest of the game, and the Menace would outshoot the Dragons 32-19. Stone Wolski had a big game, saving 31 of 32, and the Dragons walked away with the win. 


:dcd:DC Dragons vs. Los Angeles Stars :la: 3-2 SOW

In this game, it was a big defensive battle where any team could have come up on top, but Wolski came up huge again. In the 1st Period, Gary Neal scored early to put the Stars up by one. Throughout the course of the game, LA would outshoot the Dragons and that goal would hold up all the way until halfway through the 3rd Period. At 10:33, the LA Stars would get a goal from Gary Neal once again, putting them up 2-0, seemingly having a stranglehold on this game. This was not the case, because with under 3 minutes to go at 17:41 of the 3rd, Boris the Forest and Benny Graves would assist on Lance Flowers' 6th of the season. Right after that at 18:18, Benny Graves scored his 22nd to tie this one up 2-2. LA Stars outshot DC 7-2 in OT but this one headed to a shootout. Stone Wolski saved everything and Xavier leFlamant scored Doug Dimmadome to give the DC Dragons the 3-2 shootout win. Wolski saved 34 of 36, while Dimmadome saved 20 of 22.


:ldn:London United vs. DC Dragons :dcd: 3-2 W

This was a game where DC outplayed London, and it paid off for them despite a lacking goaltending performance. Late in the 1st Period, Guy Lesieur scored on the PP from Boris the Forest and Lance Flowers to put DC up by 1 with a 1-0 score. In the 2nd Period, London United would answer back. At 3:32, Jay Jones scored his 12th of the season to even this one up. Later in the period, James Rose would get his 7th, with an assist to The Terrible Trivium. That 2-1 score would hold until halfway through the 3rd, where DC's Guy Lesieur would score two quick goals, one at 11:09 and another at 11:30 to complete his hat trick and put the Dragons up 3-2. Wolski kept the door closed the rest of the way and Guy Lesieur stole this game away from London. Nils Friedriksen saved 27 of 30 for London and Stone Wolski only saved 15 of 17, and despite that, the Dragons still won.

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