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King Answers The Media


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Kevin King has made a scheduled press conference to discuss several topics. This comes after a major absence from his agent Moose. Below are some excerpts from his conference including thoughts on Moose’s absence, a 7-game scoreless drought (including 9 goalless games), signing day for the Marlins, his future with the Vancouver Wolves and his next steps in the VHL.



On Moose’s absence:


King: “Well, there’s been some family troubles, some emergency. You gotta handle those things, they always come first. We know how it goes. It’s just something we work through and now that we’re back we can get more on track with where we want to be.”


On his latest drought:


King: “It’s unfortunate. It’s how it’s gone for me in recent seasons here and it’s frustrating. I’m sad about it, you try and work through it, you try and help them but there’s only so much you can do. Sometimes you just have to hope you get passed it and something falls your way. Till then you just do your job and play the way your team needs you to do so.”


On a big day for the Marlins:


King: “It’s been a tough season for sure, we knew it was going to be a deep rebuild year. I did what I could to build something but ultimately you gotta have the mentorship of a guy like IR to help you. We made stride to compete and should do okay to end this part of the season, maybe get a few guys over through trade and build something strong next season.”


On Vancouver and his future:


King: “We’re in a great spot right now as a team. I want to do more to build a better future for myself here. I’m hoping to get more consistency, but we’re in a good spot. Anything beyond that I’m not focused on. Continued work to be the best player I can be in Vancouver and help build up San Diego into the best franchise in the league.

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