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(S75) D - Hunter, TPE: 66


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Welcome to the VHL!


I'm a_Ferk, the Assistant General Manager of the Saskatoon Wild. This is a team with a deep history in the league and has enjoyed recent success as well, with two Founder's Cups in the past five seasons. We're in the midst of another strong season, currently in second place in the VHLM standings. Most importantly, Saskatoon enjoys a well-earned reputation as a great place to start your VHL career. 


We are currently able to offer you a spot on our second defense pairing.


If you feel that Saskatoon is the right place for you, simply quote this post and say, "#SaskyBois."

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Welcome @Hatty
I'm Zetterberg the AGM of The Miami Marauders. And we want you to join our roster of players.

We have a plan in place to make the playoffs but we need players to do it.

You would be getting second minutes and you'll be put in the best place possible to rack up a ton of points.

So if you're interested in joining us in Miami quote this post with "accept" and we'll get your player suited up and ready to go in our next game.
Something to keep in mind, We are a rebuilder so if you sign with a more competitive team you won't be getting

nearly as much minutes or points as you would with Miami while still having a go at playoffs.



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