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Mike Sterling; A surprise draft candidate


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Scout Jameson FIver with what could be the biggest sleeper pick of the draft


A year ago today you would've looked at this guy and said no way he has any shot at becoming a VHL player. His numbers just weren't there and the lack of success he showed in the OWBHL were an automatic no on the drafting board. This last season however we saw a whole new side of Sterling. 


The beginning of this season was more of the same, as a member of the Grey Geese he had little to no help defensively and started the season 2-2-1 in a 20-game season. Although his underlying stats were drastically improving, facing 50+ shots and usually allowing 2-4 goals. At the 6th game you could tell he was done with the team however as he faced 68 shots and they lost 6-1 to the Black Lightning. After the 8th game Sterling was traded to the Black Lightning as they lost their goalie to an injury and they were impressed by what they saw. Sterling then proceeded to go undefeated for the remainder of the season posting a .920 save percentage as a member of the Black Lightning. Now came playoffs somewhere he had never had success. He was able to steal a game from the blue wave in the semi finals as they won 1-0 trailing in shots 34-22. Then came the finals against his old team the Grey Geese he was able to stand his ground for a 2-0 victory as they took home the OWBHL trophy.


He also posted some time in the OPHL but was given limited ice time due to having a star goaltender being the starter.


His improvability has been shown especially as he had a coach with the Black Lightning was able to help him majorly improve his game. He should be a great future player in the VHL given the right type of support around him. 


You have to wonder if signing with Mexico is the right play for him. Sterling is reportedly extremely happy to be there but he likely will not be the starter until 76. "I think it keeps the pressure off me, I can just work on improving my game in the ways I know I need to" Sterling said to reporters today when his contract was announced. He is earning a 1.5 Million dollar cap hit and I can imagine that this young guy will be very motivated to become a future star for the team that gave him this chance.

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