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A Fresh Start - Justin Lose Junior Stud


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Growing up Justin Lose was always bullied. He never fit in with the crowd at school even though he was in the juniors. The only people who respected him was his teammates. He ignored everyone and was laser focused when he got on the ice. Although he never got superstar minutes, he did produce. Lose was the alternate captain of the team after the 2nd season with his junior squad. USA was not the best place for Lose to grow in hockey, so his parents decided to bring him up north of the border and play in one of the Canadian junior leagues. His coaches in peewee in the US said he would never turn into anything and always had him on the bottom pairing. He kept getting switched from RW to LW to C and back because he didn't trust Lose. It took a while to adjust to the faster pace game in Canada, but in his rookie season he put up respectable numbers [20-20-40 - 60GP] and silencing the haters. His sophomore year was even better and he was gelling with his teammates [40-50-90 - 75GP]. He was a diamond in the rough.


In the playoffs Lose was a beast. Putting up 5-10-15 points in 12 games en-route to being swept in the finals in his rookie season. His sophomore year was a championship year when he finally won the cup 4-3 with 10-20-30 points in 23 games! In game seven he was the hero to finally bring home the cup when he scored the 3OT winner.

Lose was ready for the next step. He wanted to go into the VHL. To get there though, he would have to grind and work as hard as he could. Of course that's what every young kid says when they go for the big leagues.
Lose is different. His determination and drive will carry him to the VHL and become a household name. First up in his road to the VHL, VHLM.




What the heck is this?”

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