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Cabe McJake Scouting Report


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Cabe McJake #74

LW | 6' 0" | 185 lb. | Left Shot | Age: 16 | IE.png | MIA.png


40 40 40 60 40 60 40 54 64 55 40 40 40 93


High level comparison: Nikita Kucherov

Realistic level comparison: Jonathan Drouin

Low level comparison: Ilya Mihkeyev


VHLM - Regular Season
74 (MIA) 2 0 0 0 -1 5 2 2 0 0 0 0
Totals 2 0 0 0 -1 5 2 2 0 0 0 0



Cabe McJake is a shifty agile sniper who plays for the Miami Maraurders in the VHLM. With a small sample size Cabe has been relatively quiet scoring 0 points in his first two games with the team with a Plus/Minus of -1. However, this shouldn't raise any concerns since he has still managed to be involved with shots on goal meaning its only a matter of time before he gets on the scoresheet.



Work Ethic: Due to his well known severe ADD, Cabe has an obsession with improving his skills on the ice. Having only gone as far as senior kindergarten meaning Cabe hasn't had the distraction of academics unlike his peers.


Shot: Cabe's shot is well known for the most part because he murdered an 11 year best people accidentally in a game of shinny by shooting a wrist shot at his throat, and also due to the fact he had a 95 mph slapper at the age of 3. He uses his shot mostly on the power play where he will set up the right side for one timers.


Skating: Cabe seemes to be able to effortlessly glide across the ice. With acute acceleration and a quick stride Cabe can intimidate defenders into backing off giving him time to utilize his shot from the high slot. Cabe will also tend to glide and he keep his momentum in all zones of the ice allowing him to pick up the puck in stride and attack defenders, rumor has it he does this because he still hasn't learned how to properly stop yet. Cabe's skating ability is compared mostly to the likes of Erik karlsson for the fact he also can't skate backwards.


Hands: Cabe also has posseses quick hands which he uses often when on the powerplay and on the rush. Cabe is able to operate in tight spaces using his stickhandling ability to get out of tough situations.



Leadership: Unfortunately, due to his mental retardation Cabe is not able to communicate effectively with his teammates. In fact he can't communicate with his teammates at all since the only language he even came close to learning was Gaelic. Because of this his linemates are forced to simply play off what he does as they have no idea what he's planning to do. This also makes him completely uncoachable due to the fact that even with a translator, Cabe is only able to speak complete gibberish.


Discipline: Cabe has absolutely no idea how to control himself. He frequently reacts in rage and anger after being scored on or defeated which he typically takes out on team staff. In the last two years Cabe is responsible for the deaths of several stick boys, equipment managers and even assistant coaches. Despite this Cabe has never been convicted for any of his offences since he's able to use his star sign as an excuse for his impulsive behavior in a court of law.









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