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Generic media about the season


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*generic media, generic choice of a pic. it all adds up*



*Very generic media this week since I have no ideas and I'm waiting for the theme week anyways*


We're half through the season in the big league and honestly, there were not much surprises by far. In some previous seasons Simon was fucking around a lot at the start of the season and we had unusual teams at the top of standings. This season, not much. Yes, Chicago is still hanging on, but we all know they will fall sooner or later. NY was doing something, but it's just over for them without Nolan. Anyways, a couple of note from myself on this season:


- The NA conference is just becoming more predictable. I was expecting an epic NA finals with Seattle and Calgary, but instead we're seeing the Wrangs having a sub-tier record with a questionable form from the offense. It appears that regressed Dredge and Gunnar are not the guys that can carry this team to the NA throne, at least for now. Moreso, Dredge is inactive for now so he definitely won't get any better. It seems like neither is Gunnar and that's a hell of a fall from grace. Despite of a valiant effort from a defense and Lafontaine, they're still outside the playoff spot as they're also boasting the second worst offense in this league. Jubis is trying to make some deals going to address this issue, but I'm afraid that the forward market is in shambles after Nolan trade earlier today. So it might get ugly for them in this playoffs.


- In other case, EU is far from predictable. Right now there is: Malmo with a serious offensive threat and the main eagle Condor; Moscow with the ''Victor+Beketov partnership going right'' moment; Riga with a Tallinder show; Helsinki isn't having the best record as of now, but they might wake up sooner or later and sending Oh Sens out could help them even more; Davos with a claim of being a legit underdog after landing Owen Nolan...and then there's Prague with their usual .500-ish performance and 6th place. In fairness, they are trying to get it done this time and they are only 1 point behind Davos. It's going to be hard for them to make a big noise in this conference, but at least they may throw Davos out of the playoffs? Stay tuned.


I guess I could make some mid-season predictions, but of course it will go right back to my face because these will be incorrect. Anyways, I think this is the Seattle's conference to lose. Vancover slowed down a bit and most of their forwards are just too green to make big plays. I'm not a fan of a 5 forward setup from DC either. Toronto is having a good streak, but I just don't seem them win anything with that meh winger lineup and only Killinger being something better than a second pair tier defenseman. And I already covered up Calgary's struggle with scroing goals. In EU though? Hard telling, any of these current top 4 teams might make the finals and even Davos could make a good underdog run after getting Nolan. I just don't believe that Prague is going to do much even if they will make the post-season.


So yeah, that was it. Waiting for the theme week now.


That's it and I'm out.

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