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Dragon Wants to Do Better


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Michael Fletcher has begun a long road to recovery on the ice. After starting 5-28-1, Fletcher will look to recover as new signings bring the Marlins closer to competitive. It’s a tough road Fletcher knew was coming. King had made it clear he was on an island. But Fletcher’s off ice work is where he’s struggling. Only averaging 3-6 points per week in TPE is a tough road to climb back from but he’s taking those steps now. Fletcher has said he wants to give back to King for helping him get into the league and feels he’s let Moose down by not giving it a lot of effort.


Dragon has committed to doing a podcast in the near future where he and Moose will discuss the VHL, NHL, some other sports related topics, and other shoots. There’s no date on this, as it’s been pushed back a couple times, but we expect to see it in the near future.

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