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Hey there!

So, no ECN content this week as I didn’t have time to dig deeper in Index files so here we are. This week I am going to talk about Marshall and his comparison to my previous player, 2 time Continental cup champion John Frostbread


For me, having a new player to work on is pretty fascinating. I am not 100% sold on Marshall as I am not sure if he is the real deal but at this point, I am happy about his production on 2nd line with Malmo. Also, I think that his role for Nighthawks is always going to be 2nd line as I see Hylands and Jungkok being a better duo on the first, also, I don’t think I want to play my own player over other amazing guys on the team. It just doesn’t seem to be fair. 


Looking at his current production - in 38 games, he has 35 points. Out of those 35, 19 are goals and I am super happy about that. With Marshall being the “Other” scorer, we can rely on Hylands to score on the first and Sheilds on the 2nd with Marshall supporting if needed. That puts Marshall in a position that he can be an amazing extra player for PP or 2nd of the game lineup. That said, he is not put in there yet as we have other amazing players showing that they can do everything Marshall does just a bit better. 


Talking about his defensive game, I am pretty happy. With 86 hits and 17 Shots blocked, Marshall is more or less an average player. I would probably say that his role on both ends of the ice is a lot more pronounced than it ever was for John Frostbeard. It is clear that team awards are still up there for grabs so you never now is Marshall is going to surpass John in that category or not. Individually, I don’t see a place for Marshall on any of the Award nominee lists. 


If we would be looking at this efficiency, 9.3% shooting percentage is fine. I am not going to be angry if it goes down to around 8% as I think of him as more or less a workhorse that can do everything on ice. What I am surprised though is that his PIM numbers are extremely low. With only 22 penalty minutes I would not have expected him to get even close to 86 hits. I guess he is somehow able to hit clean. Or he has just paid officials so that they turn the blind eye. 


All in all, I am enjoying Marshall a lot more than I ever did enjoy John. He was my first player and he was the one that helped me fall in love with VHL and all the amazing people around. It is interesting to think that there is going to be a time when Marshall is going to be replaced, he is also probably going to be easily forgotten. I don’t think that will ever going to be a case with John. 


Alrighty, that is it. Have fun. And see you next week!

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