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Hello VHL my name is Dragon. Thank you for welcoming me to the league. Moose said a good way to get an easy thing out is to introduce yourself. I’m from Michigan, when I’m not working, I like to play games and stream with my friends. We have a group called Stoners 421 and you can check us out (WhiteFire Radio or WhiteFire Radio 421). I love smoking, weed is a passion of mine. I’m actually working towards becoming a grower as Michigan has legalized it I want to make that my career because I believe it helps a lot of people in so many ways.


I’m not really a sports fan but I’ll watch hockey occasionally. Moose is way more of a fanatic than I am but you guys probably know that by now. I’m just chill, not really competitive. I mostly just chat and chill with my peoples and that’s it. I joined the league to help Moosage out. I’m sorry I’m not heavy into Discord but I do play Playstation, (anyone who wants to chill on some Red Dead hit me up). I don’t really use Discord cause I’m so active on Facebook and Playstation so I forget about discord a lot.


I’m not the best at writing long stuff so Moose said we’ll start doing podcasts cause I find it easier to talk than to write. He’s actually editing this but he wants to get us on a podcast cause he wants everyone to hear me. (Note from Moose: I want everyone to hear Dragon because I’m gonna help him with articles and media spots a lot. Mike is a good dude but he’s not gonna be into the 500 words and weekly article stuff like we are.” We’re gonna do a podcast sometime this week so we can use that multiple weeks I guess.


I like anime, Attack on Titan is my favorite show. Avatar the Last Airbender is another great show. I mostly just chill when I’m not working like I said. Shout out to Deadpool, demo, whitefire, all my peeps on Red Dead holding down the fort for 421. We all play Minecraft sometimes too if anyone plays that also on PS4.


For my goalie I just want to build him up so he’s good. I know we sucked this year cause we had no players but I hope I’m better next season. I don’t usually play stuff like this so Moose told me I just gotta earn points and the sim thing does the rest. I’d like to go the D.C. Dragons at some point, feels right lol. I want to thank Moose and Instant Rockstar for giving me a chance to play. I may not be active in Discord but I want to be a good player for them. I know this season is kinda over but hopefully I can stay next season and do more. Thank you anyone who reads through my rambles. Moose was kinda editing it and said he made it look a little better (Note from Moose: I did my best *cries*).

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