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Value - Jakob Sosa


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My first two games in the Victory Hockey League Minors were certainly eventful to say the least, back to back games against the Houston Bulls with a lot on the line. I signed with the Mexico City Kings after several teams have offered me a spot on their lineup, some that are top ranking teams, some low at the bottom and some that were in the middle of potential postseason or an early offseason. What drove me to Mexico City was one thing: Value. It sounds selfish but I joined the Kings because I wish to show as much value as I can for the upcoming VHL Season 75 draft. I wanted a spot on the lineup where I would have time to show how beneficial I can be for the team in both postseason and regular season, I help the Kings and they help me. Sounds like a win win situation. The coach and managers are great people, I enjoy chatting and joking around with them and my teammates are just as great to me. I sat out my first 4 games due to some.... well don't drink foreign water is all I can say. Regardless, my first two games for the team we're quite successful. +4 rating, 68.5% faceoff wins and even without a point with my name on it, the team gained 4 points in the standings with 2 wins, extending us to a 6 game winning streak. 


Today I received word that I am projected as number #47 in the draft board, to be part of the Top 50 is big enough for me and I'm glad my plan is working the way I intended. I have goals in mind, get my first goal, my first point, go up the rankings but the overall goal is something for everyone that wears the black, red and white. 


Bring home the Season 74 crown.

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