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Before the Draft


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When I started playing on this site, Me and my friends Louchard didn’t know anything about it. But when Mexico City signed me and started giving me advice, I started to understand and to love this site. Mexico City is a pretty good team and people in here are kind and helpful. I started talking to GM and Better player, so that they could give me advice on how to be a better player. Me and my friend Louchard would like to be draft in the same team cause we are both D-man and we have the same style so we complete each other. I know it’s gonna be hard to be in the same team but nothing is impossible. Our goal is to be draft in the first round of VHLM and first or second round in VHL. If me and Louchard are draft in the same team, duo is gonna be one of the best duo in the league, because there’s a little competition between us and we always want to be better than the other. Louchard and I are very excited and we can’t wait for the draft. My goal before the draft is to be the best player in (+/-) and to have at least 30 points. But my main goal is to win a championship with Mexico City and with my friends/D partners Louchard. I think it’s possible, cause I’ll keep grinding and because our team is in a pretty good spot for the playoff and with the players that we have, I think we can beat any team in the league. As I said, Louchard and I are very excited and we hope that we can be draft in the same team. If not, we will still grind and compete against each other to see which one is gonna be better. There’s also our friend William Marquis who’s a forward, it could be nice to have him in the same team as me and Louchard, but because he’s a forward, it’s harder for him to be good.

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