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VHL is fun (ramble)


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I've been having a blast especially this week in the VHL. I spent a lot of time in Vegas and the VHL discords and it's great to have people to talk to there and here. A lot of let's find out more about me happened too. Some how the guys manage to make it sound weird when I say something unknown about myself, like what?! The VHL has also grew in many ways this week with tons of new players and achievements. Krice started talking about recruitment and Jiggs and I hopped on without knowing that this was actually going to happen. We managed to get a team together with Cow and BigAl! How exciting, can't wait! The Youtube ad also worked wonders as we got 2 dozens or more player joining our community. 


Vegas's lr is great as well! Honestly, the most active lr I've set foot in. Spartan and Jiggs make it great and happening with lots of talks and weird channels like #eyes. Who does that? Spartan I guess... I also found out that Spartan's gf is fishy! I'm playing on the same team as her and that's just weird of me to not know, HAHA. I've learned a lot this week about the league as drama unfolds, my fellow GMs and AGMs would know. But most importantly, blade made a snowman out of mmm, cotton with a specific purpose... 


Hot take: I rather write articles to claim tpe  than claim trivia. This is also because most of my income comes from job pay. 

Enjoy the week guys!

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