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Askarov not doing so great


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Askarov is happy, with how his team has played. However, he himself is very much not happy with his own play. He feels he is not stopping enough shots. However he has made sure, he does not quit an at least is making sure he is keeping his team in most games. 


He will keep pushing an working on himself. As he is focused on the big picture an winning the cup. He sees Halifax, and Saskatoon as his biggest obstacles in accomplishing that goal. The Hounds keeper will not be happy until he captures the hardware. Before he graduates next season to the VHL. He has been a star for where he was picked, and Calgary is very lucky to have nabbed him at 41st overall.  


Time will tell just what the future holds for him. However he is focused on winning the cup for the Hounds at this very moment. 

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