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Meet The Crew: An Exclusive Interview With Justin Lose - UPDATED - Season Ending Interview


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This week on Meet The Crew I sat down with the newest member of the league, Justin Lose. He is one of the up and coming talents that are looking to break into the lineups and dominate the league. Let's get started with the newest player.


Interviewer: Welcome! Thank you so much for accepting the offer for your first interview in the league.
Lose: Thank you for the warm welcome. I appreciate it and I'm very excited to finally talk about everything.\

I: Let's get started then. I'll start off easy. How did you get into the sport of hockey growing up?
L: Well I started out young. I never cared for football or soccer. My parents wanted me out of the house and to have friends since I wasn't social at school. They actually won tickets to see a VHL game and I was instantly hooked!

I: That's amazing. I saw your junior report, it says that you were basically bullied in peewee hockey?
L: My coach was very tough on me. I said I wanted to the best player in the world and they laughed at me. It was a hit on my ego at the time. I didn't let that stop me though. Once I was out of peewee and joined the school hockey team it was a lot better. Juniors was the best in my pro career right now.

I: Do you feel like you proved yourself in juniors and do you think you can fill those same shoes in the VHL?
L: My sophomore year in junior was the best year of my life. I felt on top of the world and I felt like I proved that I belonged when I scored that game seven overtime goal. My old peewee coach was at that game too. I think he wanted me to lose again. As for the VHL its tough. You always stride to be the best player on the ice and to do that you have to work hard. I know it's not going to be easy and I'm ready for the challenge.

I: You recently signed a contract with The Philadelphia Reapers. How did that feel?
Contract: 1 year - $1,500,000.00
L: It felt great. I can't wait to finally get on the ice and prove that they made the right choice in picking me. The VHLM is tough and I can't wait to get to play a professional level game of hockey!

I: That first pay check must be amazing. What are you going to do with it?
L: I honestly don't know. I didn't think about that. [Both laugh]. I'll probably absent mindedly buy food or something dumb like that without thinking about it.

I: Is it hockey 24/7 for you?
L: Obviously I take all my hockey games and practices seriously, but on off days I usually relax and not think about hockey. I enjoy video games and cooking. Nothing better than a victory and playing some video games the next day with friends.

I: One final question. With a last name like Lose, do you feel like people overlook you and pick on you?
L: Honestly I don't mind the name calling and jokes about my last name. I'm so used to it and I've heard every joke imaginable. People always overlook me. In gym at school I'm always picked last, never get called on or have any close friends. The only friends I have are from hockey. They don't overlook me. They realize the potential I have. My peewee coach was my toughest critic and today I'm ready to start a game in the VHLM. Who is laughing now?

I: Inspiring stuff Justin. Thank you so much for your time and I wish you the best of luck in the season.
L: Thank you for the chance to talk. No one has interviewed me like this before. I can't wait to start!


There you have it. Justin Lose is ready to prove to the world that he isn't a Loser. With a one year contract with Philadelphia, he is determined to jumpstart his career. We will follow up with Justin Lose after his first year in the VHLM!

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Welcome back to Meet the Crew. With the VHLM playoffs on right now and the Philadelphia Reapers unfortunately unable to make it in, the 1 year contract for Justin Lose is up. After his exit interview at the locker cleanout day, I wanted to get an interview there to get the raw emotion of failing to make it. Lose denied the interview but did reschedule it to a later date. Today is that day! I'm sitting with Justin Lose, the newest draft eligible player!




Interviewer: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me again. I'm so sorry you didn't want to speak that first day.

Lose: Thank you. I'm glad you were able to respect my request. I was happy to reschedule. Today is a much better day mentally for me.


I: That's good to hear. I'd say you had a great year with the Reapers even if you didn't make playoffs! You ended the year with 34 games played and 8 goals - 11 assists for 19 points. That seems good for a shortened run.

L: Thanks. I'll be honest it was a slow ride. I didn't really adjust to the pro level until a few games. I was even benched two games for not having the right mindset at the start of my season. My teammates were already used to each other so coming in cold wasn't the best way to start the season. The coach decided to have me sit out and begin communicating with my teammates before slotting me into the lineup.


I: What was the transition from Junior to Pro like?
L: Junior is just kids who want to break it into the big league and get drafted. Being pro, in my case the VHLM, is a faster pace game that people are trying to impress their coach enough to be brought up into the VHL. The Reaper coaching staff also did an outstanding job of really allowing me to grow into my position and giving me a lot of pointers. I even moved up to the 2nd line because they though I had so much potential!


I: How did it feel to finally get that first point?
L: Well it was incredible. It was a few games in and I was scoreless. Finally getting a point really gave me confidence. Once the ball gets rolling it snowballs fast.


I: During one of the press conferences you were one of the reporter questions, having a .88 point per game average. How did that make you feel?
L: That felt like hard work was finally paying off. I wanted to prove to the Reaper coaching staff that they didn't make a mistake in signing me late in the season. This was my way of saying thanks and finally achieving that goal they were setting for me.


I: Let's get to the serious question. I know you already talked about not making the playoffs to the media on your exit interview, but how do you feel a few days out?
L: It still sucks. Knowing we worked so hard but only got 3 points out did sting. Of course Miami is a great team and they are really holding their own against Halifax. At the end of the day you have to take a break from yourself and become a hockey fan again. Right now I have to cheer for the underdogs in Miami.


I: At the time of this recording they are down in the series 2-3 against Halifax. One final question. With your rookie season down, where is Justin Lose going next?
L: Well I honestly don't know. The draft will decide where I am going. I'd love to stay with the Reapers as I feel we really grew as a team and got into a groove towards the end. Where ever I end up I want to prove that I belong in the VHLM and get good enough to a high draft pick in the VHL draft!


I: That is a big challenge for you! I wish you good luck to your journey and hopefully one day I will be interviewing you while you are the cup champion.
L: Thank you! I hope that comes true one day. I'm not going to stop until I get one.



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