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@Kylrad First things first, I want to congratulate you on working with the LVA color pallet and really embracing it. The thing i love the most about this graphic is the texture over the green background which is almost a little trippy on the eyes. The player Render is well lit and the only real piece of criticism is the texture over the LVA logo looks like a coverup to help it blend better. I don't find the text to be the most readable but as i constantly get criticized about my text being too punchy I'll chalk this one up to personal preference lol.


9/10 because apparently no one gives out tens, really love this one great job :)

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I like this. I think there's some neat effects used near the bottom of the render. The text is probably the strongpoint of this. The render kinda looks weird from the top half. Kinda makes Noah look a little awkward, especially with the facial expression lol.



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