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My Season So Far


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Welcome to my season so far! This is just a recap of Markus Schauer's career as of late, so if you don't care about him you won't care about this. I'll be talking about expectations that I have for him. As well as some plans in the future for his development. Thanks for tuning in if you're reading the rest of this!


Markus Schauer is an offensive defenseman. This is a player that any team needs. I created him with that in mind. The market for defensemen is always open. And as this is a "sellers market" it's a lot easier to navigate the VHL in your choosing. Not that I plan on leaving New York anytime soon. Being part of the rebuild as a top level prospect is a cool idea for me. It makes earning the continental cup much more fulfilling when that time comes. Until then it's all about staying strong and staying above .500. 


With my recent involvement in the VHFL I was considering making building him as a player that would rack in fantasy points. Getting high checking, passing, and defense for the points and seeing how popular of a pick he would be. He'll never come close to Hugh Jass, so I don't think he'll ever be picked in that position, but it might turn out to be a steal. Who knows. 


I know later in my career I will want to play with SirRupertBarnes. That's been the gameplan all along. So when depreciation starts hitting and my value drops off I'll ask to be shipped out to the same team as him. Which isn't a loss to whatever team I'm asking to be traded away from as they've gotten most out of my player already. High level prospects are valued for the amount of time they stay with a team - on top of how good their are for that time. 


My personal goal for the season was 30 points and 100 shots blocked. I didn't care about shots, maybe get like 200 of those. So far, just over half the season in, I'm at 18 points and 85 shots blocked. I'm very happy with my performance in my rookie season. I don't think I'm in the talks for rookie of the year. It would be nice to get though, and there's a weak case to be made for it. Honestly I don't know how the other rookies are doing.


As for ending up in New York, Esso's great. Dlamb is a great AGM and I know him very well from the WJC days. Can't wait to see what they do with the rebuild later on. I hope we can come out of the next few seasons looking like a wagon. 



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Random blurb writing for Media Spot points I know, but I decided to read it anyways :)


Lot of run-on sentences, at least you spaced out the lines but otherwise its pretty casual writing. You convey your thoughts about improvement and such fairly well. Nothing in terms of pictures, coloring or creative formatting that would make it easier to read.



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