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CALGARY - Coming off the rink after 3 tough losses in a row, the Wranglers were defeated to say the least. This season has not been going as planned after being a top contender for the past few years. The defence along with Lafontaine is the best in the league, far and away better than anyone in terms of goals against but they just haven’t found their chemistry offensively to back that defence up. GM Jubis called Latrell into his office for a quick discussion and he thought for sure that his minutes were being cut for not contributing enough out there. “You’re not under contract next season and a few teams have been kicking rocks at you and a couple other guys, I have no interest in trading you but just wanted to be transparent with what’s happening right now. I’ll keep you updated but nothing to worry about,” said Jubis. Latrell thought it was weird to be sought after with the way his season has went, but was assured that everything was fine. Less than 24 hours later, however; a couple GMs got in contact that trade talks have heated up and just a couple hours after that Latrell has been told to pack his bags and that he’s moving to Europe. We were able to talk to Mitchell and this is what he had to say, “It’s surreal, everything happened so quickly. It went from likely nothing to traded in just under a day. I don’t feel betrayed at all as the GM was very open with me, I’m just shocked. Calgary was a great place to play and I wish them nothing but the best, but excited to get a fresh start with an expansion team and maybe I can really improve my play. Look out Warsaw, I’m coming in hot.”

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