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Saskatoon Goes 0-2


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For the first time in the S74 season, the Saskatoon Wild have lost both sims to go 0-2. Spirits were lower than usual in the locker room, with one player even jokingly asking to be traded. Assistant General Manager Timothy Brown took responsibility for the losses, claiming his coaching strategies were lackluster.


The first game against Ottawa was pretty close, with the Wild putting up a close game with a 2-1 loss. Strong Jr and Vericel were unusually quiet in this game, with only a single point apiece.


The second game against Mississauga went even less well for Saskatoon, with the Hounds taking the game 4-1. Saskatoon's lack of special teams sealed their fate in this game. Despite going on the powerplay 8 times, they failed to convert even a single time. Strong and Vericel were completely shut out this game, which is even more uncharacteristic.  For Saskatoon to keep their winning ways alive, their stars will have to find a way to get back into form.



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Nice summary of what happened to cause a 0-2 record over the last two games. Could provide more information, however. For example, could show the shot count to see if the team was being shut down by the opposing team, or simply facing a hot goaltender. Regardless, it summarizes the key points that shows the disgust in the back to back losses by the Saskatoon Wild. Strong Jr and Vericel really took the blame though. 6/10

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