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New VHL Kids Have it Easy


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  • Back in the day when writing a media spot, if you wanted to bold, color, highlight, italicise, or center text, there was an exact order you had to do it in or else the coding wouldn't work
  • Media spots would be graded on content and grammar - at the time I just accepted it but looking back why did we grade on grammar as if it was an English class - who really cares?
  • Updating had to be done completely manually. You created your own updating thread, had to post the links, tpe earned, and do the math yourself for attribute brackets. You then had to wait for the updater to come in take a look and do your updates, which could take up to a week
  • Even if the updater had updated your player, it didn't guarantee your player was actually updated in the sim. Player updates in the sim only happened like twice a season. Getting your updates in before the playoffs was always a big deal
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