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Mid-season S74 MVP

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This week, we're having our mid-season review for our most outstanding player so far in the VHLM, @Wheaties Brian Strong Jr!


Brian Strong Jr, a center drafted into the VHLM 23rd Overall in season 73 and drafted 24th Overall into the VHL this season. As a young center standing 5'11'' and 185 lbs, Brian Strong Jr was sent back to play for the Saskatoon Wild by the New York Americans. With his return to the Wild, it lit a fire in Brian Strong Jr's belly. Brian came out strong and accelerated past everyone into first place in the points leaderboard right off the bat. Currently, midway through S74 at 36 games, Brian Strong Jr is the only player in the VHLM to have more than 40 goals and 40 assists already. With a lustrous 46 goals, 11 more than his teammate Florent Vericel @dart who is in second place with 35, and 42 assists for 88 points in 36 games, Brian Strong Jr holds a ridiculous 2.44 points per game average!


Brian Strong Jr has long since surpassed his S73 goals, assists and points totals. One definite factor to his production is Brian Strong Jr's shot count, having taken league leading 283 shots which is already 80 more shots than a full season in S73! How far could this youngster go? Where will he end up at the end of the season? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain. Brian Strong Jr is ready for the big league. It'll be interesting next year in New York!


74 (SSK) 36 46 42 88 62 283 28 100 14 7 8 2
73 (SSK) 72 23 29 52 24 203 44 80 18 2 6 0


(total word count: 259)


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