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A Disappointing Season


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A Disappointing Season


It's safe to say that this season probably hasn't seen the level of return for Gabriel Akerstrom that he or his team were hoping for before it all began. Taken with the second overall pick in the most recent VHLM draft, Gabriel was looked at as a player who could drive his team's offense for the blue line and put up some great offensive numbers whilst being a force defensively too, but it looks as if that simply won't be the case. This has sadly not been the case, as he's only succeeded in putting up mediocre numbers across the board, seeing a major decrease in production from his rookie year in the VHLM with just 25 points in the 36 games that he's so far played in. It's simply not what he was hoping for going into this season, and he's well aware that if he wants his team to have the kind of season they're hoping for, it's something that he's going to need to address. The 21st are having a great season so far, sitting on top of the Eastern Conference, but that doesn't mean that anyone on the team can get complacent, and Gabriel certainly isn't going to sit back and avoid doing the work he needs to improve his play on the ice.


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