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This week is going to be a special week, I will reach the cool 900 TPE milestone! It has been a long road to this point, but here I am. The fairly high TPE total has not directly shown in the way I have played so far, for example in 37 games so far this year I have 29 points. Not terrible, but still a player with my TPE total should be closer to a point per game pace. Another questionable point is my fighting record, I have dropped the gloves four times and won only two of those, so I have lost two fights. To a normal power forward that could be fair total, but I'm not a normal power forward, I want to win those fights since I take my time in picking my battles, I only fight against those players I think I can beat.


Are both of those points  confidence related issues? Would make sense if they are but how do you fix those points is a different ball game completely. I'm not worried however as I know better times are ahead, I know I can play better than I have played so far. I just need to keep on going and play my own game.


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