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Luke Thornton with a good start in his VHL career.


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Luke Thornton might have been a PPG on another team and compete for the rookie of the year in the VHL, but his mindset is not focused on that silly award. He does not want any attention towards him. He just want to win games and compete for the VHL cup as many time as he can in his career.


When he was the #1 ranked prospect in the S74 draft, it felt good to be ranked so high, but that meant he would play on a bad team for years and would only pad his stats without winning games. When he fell all they way down to the 11th pick, he felt blessed on having the opportunity to play on a contending team right away and learn from VHL greats like Scott Greene, a 4 time VHL champion.


Through 37 games, Luke Thornton might not stat pad like the others rookie on bad teams (Except for the Vancouver Wolves rookies), but he is doing his role in Calgary pretty well. The ice is a lot smaller in the VHL, but that did not stop him on getting 20 points which 15 of those are assists. He is not shooting the puck much because he's trying to set up his teammates all game long. He is also doing his best defesively by being a +1 on the ice while laying his body on the line with 112 hits (leading the team) and 4 blocked shots. His defence consistency is a concern that he is trying to to improve on before the playoff. He is struggling a bit on the power play, but hopefully it's gonna work out eventually.


Calgary GM just made some big trades last night and it looks like Luke Thornton will already have big responsibilities in his hands on his rookie season already. Calgary is looking to make the playoff and Thornton is excited to make some noise in it hopefully.


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