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Spoopy Season is approaching also dream team ig


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Dream Team


For this dream team, I’m going to use current players only. So no hall of fame players or even players who recently retired last season. They must be either a free agent or on a team for them to be allowed onto my list


With that out of the way, I want to start with the goalie. Only 1 position needs to be filled here but I’m also going to include a backup goalie. The starter would be Jacques Lafontaine. Jacques currently plays for Calgary who are having a meh season. Despite this, he’s playing like a literal brick wall showing a .925 save % which is incredible. He also continues to improve at a steady and rapid rate ensuring he’ll only get better and better. As his back up its the one and only Doug Dimmadome owner of the Dimmesdale Dimmadome. He’s only got 350 tpe but it putting up a solid season with a .918 save %. Like Jacques, he’s improving at a very rapid rate so he would become the starter when Jacques retires. 


Now onto the forwards. I could put literally any of the top forwards in here and it wouldn’t make much of a difference. They are all unstoppable forces who trample over any competition. I still have to pick three of them so here it goes. The first forward will be Patrik Tallinder. This guy is on track to break 100 points this season with 34 goals and 42 assists. That totals to 76 points and we just broke halfway in the season recently. He’s also playing for Riga so he could become the Playoff MVP if he continues to play like he is. Next is Mollo Lahtinen. He’s center for Moscow and has a stat line with 29 goals 33 assist for a total of 62 points. He is on track to have the best season of his life breaking his current point record of 84. Lastly, it’s going to be Squirrely Dan. Some people may see this a stretch since he’s doesn’t have as much experience as many of the other top forwards in the league but I want this team to not only be good for this season but for a few after and having him on it will ensure a solid forward position for many seasons to come. There are some concerns about lack of improvement but you have to take a shot in the dark to be great.


Lastly, we have the Defensemen. The first player will be Condor Adrienne. Man is a monster at scoring points at least for a defenseman and has a +/- of +29! I want this team to be focused mostly on offense but have some defense which is where my next pick will pick up some of the slack. For my final pick, I have gone with Alex Bridges. I want a player that will lay their body out to stop the puck from going to the net. Alex also has some scoring ability but I want him for his defense.

That is my ‘Dream Team’. I went off the little knowledge I have of the VHL since I’m still pretty new and relied heavily on stats. Thank you for reading!


Claiming for week ending 10/11, 540 words, Theme week doubles

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