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My dream team - theme week


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For this season's theme week I will look at players that I have played with in the past and try to put together a lineup that will hopefully look rather nice. Lets start with the forwards!


:nya:F -  Edwin Reencarnacion


Edwin and I started our careers at the same time in New York, Edwin came in as the first overall pick from the S44 draft and I joined the team from juniors after getting picked in the previous years draft.  We played together from S44 to the end of S49. Edwin as a player was a lot better offensively than I was, he is in the hall of fame, so that says it all, but we both shared a mutual interest towards hitting and playing physically. Edwin had all the skills in the world but still, he got his hand dirty. The icing on the cake from that time was the S47 cup victory. Edwin and I played in the same line during that playoff run as New York beat Stockholm 4-1 in the finals. Edwin had 16 points in 12 games and he lead the team in scoring, I had 13 points. Good times, great player.


:que:F -  Beau Louth


Can not build an offensive line without Mr.Louth. Louth started his career in Quebec in S61, he played in the same organization technically his whole career as the team moved to Vancouver at one point where Louth also finished his career in S67. Louth and my third player in VHL had a bit of rivalry going as we both played in the middle, VHL version of Crosby and Malkin? But it did not stop us from scoring and having a good time on the ice. Louth always could find the back of the net, he scored over 30 goals in seven different seasons. We also won a cup together in S67, which was a great year for everybody in Vancouver. A great player who I had great chemistry with especially while playing together on the powerplay.


:que: F - Lukas Muller


Muller was a special player, picked second overall in the S53 draft by Quebec. My second player in VHL joined Quebec season earlier. We played together for five seasons and won one cup together in S56. The first cup for Quebec in a long time, so it was a special championship. After S57 Quebec sold most of the star players, Muller went to Riga, but his winning days were not over, Muller won two more cups in his career, one with Riga and one with Helsinki. Excellent vision and hockey IQ, hall of fame player.


:que:D - Guntis Petenis


Petenis was a tank and when I say he was a tank go look at the S54 statistics. Petenis played in Riga that year and scored 39 goals as a defender, took over 300 penalty minutes, almost 400 hits, and on top of those he had 184 blocked shots, an absolute machine of a player. I had the privilege to play with Petenis for one year in Quebec, we had a solid season in S55 as Quebec was first in the North-American division, but we could not go all the way.


The next year Petenis was traded to Davos around the trade deadline. Quebec made it into the finals and won the cup. Against who? Davos and Petenis. Unfortunate, but Petenis was a hell of a player in his prime.


:nya:D- Biggu Kyanon

A defender who could do it all, during his prime he had 99 passing, scoring, puck handling, and defense. Did not hit that much, but still managed to collect over 100 penalty minutes in multiple seasons. Kyanon started his VHL career in New York in S45. He played with the Americans until the end of S48. He was a key player in the S47 cup winning team, the highest scoring defender in New York during the regular season and second-best scorer in the whole team during the playoffs with 14 points in 16 games. 


After S48 he moved around, played in Seattle, Davos, Cologne, and retired after S52 in Seattle. Great offensive defender.


:que:G - Apollo Skye

Quebec legend who started his career in Davos. He was the first overall pick in the S51 draft. After two years in Davos Skye was moved to Quebec and the rest is history in a way. Skye is one of the best goalies ever to play in VHL, he is in the hall of fame. My second player in VHL was a defender who played a lot of games in front of Skye in Quebec, he saved my ass more than few times and he was a key player in the s56 cup team. Highlight year was S54 when Skye won 52 games out of the 64 he played in with a save percentage if 93.3%.  Apollo also had 17 shutouts and 1.5 goals per game against.  Awesome goalie.

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