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Ranking all VHL franchises since S68 (except the new ones)


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S68 is when we expanded to 12 teams so it's been 6.5 seasons in uncharted territory k.


1. Seattle

...Let's move on to number two


2. Riga

One cup in S72 with just 1 loss in 13 games, another finals appearance in S69, and still haven't missed the playoffs since S61

3. Moscow

Only other team to win a cup since S68, which was the last time we missed the playoffs.

4. Vancouver

Hard done by the arbitrary cut-off, having won the cup in S67. Unlucky not to add to that despite a better roster in S69-S71.


5. Calgary

Seem to make the finals when Seattle doesn't and then losing them. Still, consistently near the top after a rough couple seasons before S70.


6. Helsinki

Just coming off their S63 draft peak in S68, went through a quiet retool to come back as a contender now


7. Malmo

Caught lightning in a bottle in S68, then spent until now trying to catch it again but might just move up this ranking soon.

8. New York

Continues having the worst luck despite putting together very competitive rosters, but did have a few more exciting runs before this rebuild.

9. D.C.

Yet to win a proper playoff series in 3 attempts but very close to doing so each time.


10. Toronto

Have done OK despite having no draft picks for about 5 seasons. Possibly being too nice but they literally had less than an expansion team to work with.


11. Davos

Actually still had a good team in S68, then nosedived with a record 3 straight last place finishes and waiting to deliver on their promise now.


12. Prague

Expansion team or not, they've won 2 playoff games in their entire existence to date.

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