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S75 VHL Draft Class Dream Team


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This Dream team is comprised of players eligible for the S75 VHL Entry Draft. The players picked are each the best at there respective position after looking at both TPE and career statistics. The team will include the minimum number of players (3f, 2d, 1g).


1. Taro Tsujimoto | C | 6' 2" | 209 lb. | Age: 20 | TPE: 216

Although His TPE is not significantly higher than any of the other centers eligible for S75, his statistics is what stands out the most. he currently has a whopping total of 70 points in 36 games, good for a 1.94 points per game average. Taro is a fast agile playmaking center with good size who has exploded this season after only recording 3 points in 19 games in his rookie year.


2. "L" | D | 6' 6" | 234 lb. | Age: 29 | TPE: 207

Playing on a stacked Mississauga team L has impressed with 32 points in 36 games this season. A big body with and outstanding defensive game, L is the most intimidating player in this draft class. Despite not being mobile or overly physical, L uses a good defensive stick to break up plays and clog passing lanes. L also possesses surprisingly soft hands as he's able to control the puck with ease.


3. Chicken Wing | D | 5' 9" | 200 lb. | Age: 19 | TPE: 143

I have to admit this selection may be somewhat biased based on the fact chicken wing does not have the highest TPE among defensemen, but knowing this I can't ignore the surprisingly impressive season Chicken Wing has played so far. Chicken in 36 games played has managed to put up 47 points as a defensemen which is the most among his position in this draft class. Doubters will quickly point at his -21 plus minus and explain that a defense should defend before anything else, but what has to be remembered is that he's played on a bottom 4 team for the entire year. Therefore with the right players in front of him Chicken could be the steal of the S75 Draft.


4. Joe Kelly | LW | 6' 1" | 190 lb. | Age: 16 | TPE: 167

Honestly the reason I have Joe Kelly in hear is because I feel bad for him. Despite having the highest TPE among left wingers in the draft, he has a measly 1 point (an assist) in 36 games this season. This is mainly because Joe has seen little to no ice time with Halifax this season, the reasoning for this is that Halifax is loaded with VHLM stars, all with higher TPE's than him. Because of this I can't leave him off this team because only god knows what he's capable of with a good amount of ice time.


5. Sirkants Klamasteris | G | 6' 5" | 235 lb. | Age: 25 | TPE: 177

Posting a fairly impressive save percentage of 0.896 percent, Sirkants is a large positionally sound goaltender playing with the Ottawa Lynx. Sirkants is the best amongst the goalies in the VHL draft mainly because of his win percentage. His SV% can be matched by at least one other goalie in the draft class, but no one else has been capable of winning as many games.


6. RJ Thatcher | RW | 6' 1" | 200 lb. | Age: 18 | TPE: 129

RJ while having the lowest amount of TPE in this list has managed to put up fairly impressive numbers with the Mexico City Kings. In 36 games played he has 29 goals and 27 assists on the season good for a total of 56 points.  Playing top line minutes, RJ is already among the best on his team. RJ has also shown to be a very effective two way player posting a +24 plus/minus while playing on a mid table team


Honorable Mention:


Pistil Stamen | C | 6' 2" | 212 lb. | Age: 27 | TPE: 193

Considered the second best center in the draft, Pistil is a promising prospect who by the opinion of many, hasn't performed to the best of his abilities this season. However, this player has loads of potential and can easily be a cornerstone piece to any VHL team if he's given time to develop.


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