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Gimme my damn press conference


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Groovy Dood has worked himself into a pickle. He's short two capped TPE on the week. But he's got a problem. His team has no reporters, media, or managers that care what the players think.


When I played in the minors, they had their shit together, an exasperated Dood vented to no one in particular.

There was a press conference every week to make us feel like real professional simulation hockey players. They were prepping us for the big leagues when there'd be microphones in our face all the time. They promised the world would want to hear what I had to say all the damn time. I even heard there was a VSN with cameras on us 24/7.


Pfft, yeah right. I haven't seen the bright lights of a reporter in so long. I thought D.C. was a hockey hotbed. Turns out it's just a hockey lukewarm bed.


If someone from the front office would just come out and ask me some damn questions, I wouldn't be out here now dragging the Draggins through the mud like this.


bigAL, Groovy Dood's agent and a former AGM himself, stands behind the ranting star, nodding slowly. Could this be a ploy for Dood to get his AGM fired and replaced with his mentor bigAL?!


Finally, there's a question worth answering! Groovy Dood looked pumped to be talking about something else.

bigAL works for me, and I'm not sharing. He's not going back into management any time soon. He's going to negotiate me a fat second contract and coast off my commissions for the rest of his life.


And on that note, VHL Bookies have opened up a new bet: What will happen first - Groovy Dood's exit from D.C. or bigAL getting back into management?

(spoiler: neither will happen)   @fonziGG@Enorama


PS: did we lose the spoiler button on the new forum layout??


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14 hours ago, fonziGG said:

Lmao I was going to drop it tonight when I got home from work ?

Yeah I didn't wanna post my own questions again and question your authoritah

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Just now, bigAL said:

Yeah I didn't wanna post my own questions again and question your authoritah

Which I guess is exactly what I did in a super public way hahaha ❤️ u fonzi

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