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Cowboy Prout underrated ???


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Today’s little article is about how Cowboy Prout is a underrated machine here at the SDM and will be a future leader and beat the one and only Danny Heatley the 50n07 the legend himself. We have a great team at SDM that’s gotten his development up and being 6 points in 6 games as a rookie first year defender. Cowboy Prout is surely stepping his game up as the end of the season is approaching there’s one question.. who will draft him? What team will he lead next? Who’s will stop him? We will find all those next season. He’s stepped into a great role at SDM playing big minutes and is showing some real promise. He’s not talked about much due to being new and one has to think who will he be playing for next? For now we will keep track on how he he progresses through the rest of the year on a developing team and where he’s drafted next. He’s done a great job so far and has great support it’ll be a matter of time folks he gets talked about and not just about his crazy off ice partying antics but for his great plays and leadership he’ll bring in at the young age. 


He has already said his game and playing style would never of happened if weren’t for the great management he has down in SDM. 



Cowboy Prouts most recent interview his quote 


“yeah I’ve been extremely lucky joking a great development team that’s a bunch of hard working guys and gets better every game. The management has been truly amazing and it’s great seeing SDM get better every game but it would never of happened if it weren’t for the management and night clubs we have” 



there you have it everyone his line his words now we wait for DRAFT DAY. 

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