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How good will SDM be next season?


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Today’s article for myself is a odd one as I do like the SDM for many reasons and I’ve learned so much through this and can’t say anything bad about the club as I first entered the league not understanding ANYTHING about sims and trust me when I say that. I’m grateful to of found this league and seeing a active and great community makes the league more fun and tough. 

Now let’s get away from that as title says let’s look at the SDM of the VHLM. 


so I’ve gotten more invested into this and the more I read things and such it made me want to express so of my experiences and what I see for the next season


SDM has had a rough season getting a bunch of guys that were new some stayed some inactive and gone now. But. As of now it seems we do have some decent prospects and newbies like myself that have really taken interest and like to keep improving. Now. With all that being said will they make the playoffs next year? Seeing the way things look not it will be tight especially depending on who they draft and how many actually stay active will always be a big question especially in the minors. With no stats showing at what stage in careers people leave there sim life it’ll be a interesting team. I wish we could see the future of not only this team but the players as they’ve made a difference as hockey is not a one man game. the future is looking bright for both sides. 


my experience now is they have gotten better already and improve each game. They’ve been lucky enough to have great support by management which is a huge thing to consider especially for minor leagues keeping new guys is essential.  I personally on my biased opinion want to see the team make the playoffs next year and have a run regardless if drafted or not. Now I must say I’ll be making sure they loose if not returning next year ? all jokes aside I think it’s going to be the one of the few teams we all should watch next season after the draft I think it could be a big turnaround and potentially have a good run in playoffs (if they make it) 


i dident want to jump to far into the future however this article was to express not only how I felt but what I’ve seen first hand and maybe this will show people how much different and a direction this club really is. It’s definitely not the same team we’ve seen all year it’s alot better and hopefully a sign of more positive to come with much closer games recently except one ? this team has really rallied together and got to work. 


as always feel free to comment below if you have thoughts/ opinions  or bored and just want to talk to the terrible writer ??‍♀️ 



Either way for at least for now anyway let’s go SDM!! 

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