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Jackson Wilson Junior Career

Jackson Wilson

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Jackson Wilson, an 18 year old hailing from the northern area of bc, took to hockey at a young age. Playing with his father out in their backyard rink, he would spend hours at a time trying to improve on whatever he can. Sadly though, it wasn’t going too well for him. Up until he was about 13 he was always passed up on due to his lack of skating ability, but with the age turning over to 14, that’s when hitting got involved, and Jackson loved hitting. He was tall for his age, about 5’10” - 5’11” at 14, he took to the physical part of the game very well. Starting off with a B league team (much higher of a level than he was used to), he found many ways to use his size to his advantage. Averaging 1.69 p/g and 0.78 of those being goals per game, he began to understand exactly how he could use this to aid him. Dominating those around him he began to blossom as the stereotypical power forward. As years developed he would slowly start to improve his skills one at a time. First, obviously, physicality soared through the roof. Second came his awareness on the ice, and his uncanny ability to make plays that no one even considered to be open. Nearing 17, he began to develop a killer shot, one that would net him countless goals in his final season with his junior team. With his rate of development doing nothing but skyrocketing, Jackson has set out to take on the VHLM as a new challenge for him to conquer. With a mindset to do nothing but overachieve, he is prepared to take whatever strides necessary to improve his game. In all honesty, this new league is different than what he is used to, but nothing like adversity to create character. His playing career has mostly consisted of bouncing around young minor league teams, and helping to lead the team regardless the situation they found themselves in. Wearing the ‘A’ for one of those teams has given him the tools necessary to become a leader on whatever team should he choose to play with. Need a grinder to even out your team? Jackson’s your guy. Need someone to fill in a top line role to complete a solid chemistry? He’ll be there. The versatility of a forward with his abilities is almost limitless. Regardless of what you need from him, he will stop at nothing to make sure that he delivers.

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