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OrbitingDeath's Dream Team


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OrbitingDeath’s Dream Team


When I read the point task I immediately thought, I gotta get my cat back in the line up: Thomas O’Malley can not be excluded from a dream team. But when I went by my other players I actually found out I could field a complete line up, sure it will definitely not be the most successful team in the world, but it's fun to form a team of players on my own.


At Center: Thomas O’Malley :  my most successful sim league player ever perhaps (maybe close to my SBA MVP Miles Muad’Dib). O’Malley was my attempt to for once get a player to go first overall. With a draft class with Kendrick who also went full out at that time, this proved to be quite a challenge. Cologne actually had the 1st and 2nd pick at that time and thanks to Kendrick he allowed me to be picked first, to this day I’m still thankful of this. 


At Right Wing: Peter Quill : my first welfare player. While Quill originally was a center I feel like I’ll just put him at RW here as he’s my only other natural forward (despite moving to defence for his last seasons). Quill is actually one of my favourite characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also a disappointment of a player for me. 


At Left Wing: Pietro Maximoff : my speedster, I wanted to make a fast skating high scoring player and I did. Maximoff had some great success in his younger years before I fell back in to semi activity with this player. He had a great career, made the hall of fame, but at that time I just lost the fire that pushed both my previous players over the 1200 tp. 


At Defence:  Adam Warlock, king of the VHLM, nemesis of Beaviss.  Even though Warlock was a big part of the VHLM cup win of Beaviss as a manager, he turned out to also be a great mistake to draft. The update scale was just moved up and from a superstar Warlock went into mediocrity. I just didn’t want to play anymore due to the change at that time. I told Beaviss before the draft, but he still selected me. But Warlock never did him any good. End of the career Warlock did win some cups with Toronto and somehow stole tfongs points all the time despite being the worse player. So sorry to everyone for this player.


At defence: Condor Adrienne.  My try to return to glory. He has had a decent career so far and picked up several awards already, I wanted to finally get a hall of fame player on defense after failing hard with Adam Warlock and I hope with Adrienne I’m on track.  In a really strong defensive class there are quite some opponents though, and being part of a low scoring era in the vhl didn’t do my early seasons much good. Thanks to expansion the league scoring went up and I finally could work on my offensive attributes again. But I do feel he is a fast starter, slow finisher as showing again this season. He blasted off in the start, but as the season passes, he seems to slow down massively and losing his chances for awards.


At goal:  Remy LeBeau.  My first player here and part of a time where ADV, Jericho and Devise still did the pajodcast. This still is one of my favourite vhl memories:  after 8 seasons of being in the league I was listening to one of their episodes when they finally realized that Remy LeBeau is actually the name of Gambit of the X-Men. That it took them so long to realize / find out, I still find a fun story. He was also my first Hall of Fame player, despite his stats not being that good, he just had a stature around the league and his nickname given by others ‘LeGod’ certainly helped his case.

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