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My VHLM Dream Team


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My VHLM Dream Team


For this season's theme week PT, I'm going to keep it simple and pick my dream team from the VHLM at present. I'm going to follow the rules of three forwards, 2 defensemen and a goalie as set out, and choose the best in my opinion who are currently playing in the VHLM. I probably wouldn't have normally thought of doing this but it should be a fun way for me to check out a few of the other players in the VHLM currently and become familiar with what they're doing, as well as giving myself a chance to earn some extra uncapped by hitting that Theme Week criteria.



My picks:


C - Brian Strong Jr.

Brian is playing out of his damn mind at the minute, having put up 89 points already in the 38 games that he's played this season. This is an astonishing rate of production, and I'm honestly very impressed in seeing what he's been able to do up to this point. I'm not really familiar with VHLM records or anything like that, so I've got no idea how good the season he's having is when considered against other great VHLM seasons, but I'm certainly very impressed at what he's doing out there. He makes for an easy pick on my Dream Team, and hopefully he'd be the focal point of our offense. 


W - Florent Vericel

I'm going with Strong's teammate here, Florent Vericel. Currently sporting 81 points in 38 games, Florent is just a tad behind Brian but is still having an undoubtedly crazy season. The fact that he's Strong's teammate makes this a very easy choice, as there's no doubt that the chemistry the two have will help the team gel somewhat. 


W - Taro Tsujimoto 

Apologies to Taro for playing him as a winger because I know he's really a centre, but given that he has slightly less TPE than Strong but I still want to get him into the team, he's pushed out of his natural position. I still think he'd be a real threat on the wing though, and can see him really bringing a lot to the team. The 75 points in 38 games he's put up so far shows the kind of scoring he could also bring to the team, and I think the three forwards we have here would make one hell of a line together. 


D - Jackson Philliefan

Not much explanation needed here, the highest scoring defenseman in the VHLM who also has a ton of shot blocks too. Makes for a no brainer pick when it comes to my dream team roster. 


D - Kasper Kankkunen 

Have to give this spot to my former teammate, Kankkunen is having a great season with nearly 50 points in 38 games played as a defenseman. He's dominating for the Aces and I'd love to bring what he has to offer to my dream team roster. 


G - Kevin Malone

My current teammate in Halifax, this is a much easier pick than I anticipated. Malone currently leads the league in save percentage, wins and shutouts. When picking a goalie for a team like this, I don't think there's anything more you could ask for. 


That makes my dream team complete. I would genuinely be curious to see just how bad this team would dominate your average VHLM squad, it's loaded top to bottom with stud players. Anyway, hope you enjoyed reading this one, I actually found it pretty fun to put together!


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