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Fight Night: The Legion invade Davos

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While the Legion took Monday night's game in Davos by a score of 3 goals to 2, the biggest story of the night was the team brawls that soured the game early on in the first quarter.  The game started off as usual, with the teams trading shots. SS Hornet had the best chance to put the hosts ahead early on with two chances but could only manage a miss and a weak shot that was comfortable saved by the Legion's backup goaltender. Then just past the 4th minute mark pandemonium erupted.


Toronto's Merrick won a face off against SS Hornet but as he turned away to shoot Roque Davis hit him with a brutal slash on the back of the rookie's legs. The Legion's Joseph Gainer came it to back up his teammate and hit Hornet with a hard shove to the back at that was enough of a spark to set off the rest of the teams. Jared Willis tangles up with Merrick for a fight, while Hornet came back up swinging at Gainer. The refs had their hands full as Soren Jensen and Raleigh Ritchie also joined in on the festivities, also dropping gloves to join in the melee. Though the fights were broken up fairly quickly with nobody on either side managing to get an upper hand and win the fight.


The lineups were thrown into disarray as Toronto suffered penalties to Merrick, Gainer and Ritchie as well as minor penalties to Daldo and Gutzwiler. Davos in turn received penalties to Hornet, Soren Jensen and Jared Willis with minors on Roque Davis and Fernando Jokinen. 


Finally after the hiatus the game restarted and just 15 seconds last Chad Magnum took the lead for the Legion with a blistering shot into the top of the net after winning the puck off of Owen Nolan at the faceoff. The game had took on a nasty atmosphere now with both teams looking much more aggressive and the physical play was taken up a notch. This pressure culminated in Merrick, already fuming from his perceived lack of calls from the referee, took offence at a hard hit from Jared Willis and Merrick came in for round 2. This time though the fight was an isolated incident and the two fought to another unsatisfying draw. Davos clearly came out on top though at Merrick was ejected from the game for instigating the fight.


Thankfully for the fans that love to watch hockey actually being played the game managed to settle down after the first period, Soren Jensen leveled the scores halfway through the 2nd before Chad Magnum controlled his own rebound and slotted the puck home under Rayz Funk to regain the Legions 1 goal lead. At the death of the period Daldo extended the lead to 3-1, make suring the Legions 20-12 shot count in the period had a good result. Jared Willis put the game back within reach with 6 minutes to play but the home team couldn't find the much need final breakthrough to equalise as they were held to a measly 7 shots in the final section of game.


This win takes Toronto firmly into the playoff picture, a sight for sore Toronto eyes after their torrid start to the season. they've won 9 of their last 10 and are currently on a 8 game winning streak, including most notably, two clutch away wins at Riga and also a away win at Moscow. This team has certainly got it's confidence back, perhaps bolstered by the trade for Oh Sens who has shown the potential to be a key asset for this team.

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