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New Player Minors Debut


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Well, I guess it's time we should talk about the new player, Lanetrain, He plays for the san Diego marlins, in fact, I'm on that team myself, the reason we're here today is to talk about him. I think he has good skills! Let's go over his point summary, He has only Played 6 Games, and has 4 goals, 1 Assist, all though he does have a -7 +/-. The Plus and minus I would say don't affect him that much, as he's a forward, There to score goals.

In his last game, They lost three-two against the Miami marauders. In fact, in his last game, Thrash scored. In that game, the Great has scored a hattrick, which is really good! Tonight, I will be making my VHLM Debut, I am hoping to score some goals and get a win. If I scored, In my first game, that will be really good, I will be really happy. I am thinking If I get a contract offer next year with the Marlins again, I might go with them, but if I get drafted, then ill be VERY happy.

Let's Talk about where I see myself going in the draft, Currently, I see myself Not even getting drafted next season, as I haven't made my Debut, So I can't tell you how good I am. But, tonight, will be my debut, and we will all be able to kind of predict where I go in the draft.

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