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Pistil Stamen Junior Review


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Pistil Stamen: A star from an unlikely place


Details on Pistil Stamen’s childhood are difficult to come by. Even his name is difficult to figure out. Pistil is from a remote area in the Amazon rainforest, why would his name be English words that are parts of a plant’s reproductive organs? It doesn’t make much sense and doesn’t really hold up upon closer inspection. Regardless of all that, what we do know is that Pistil was discovered by Philadelphia Reaper GM Domini Maximus during a recent vacation to Brazil. According to Maximus, she mentioned the word hockey to her tour guide and the guide’s face lit up. He told her he knows the greatest hockey player in the world. The guide, Hayle, immediately changed their plans for the day and took Maximus to meet Stamen.


Pistil is an impressive physical specimen, 6’2” and 212 pounds of all muscle. He is a true carnivore, eating only meat. This is because Pistil loves all plant life. He would never hurt a plant much less eat one. He is so protective of plants that if he sees you eating a salad he will slap the fork right out of your hand, maybe even worse. His mother, Yara, explained that he’s always had a connection with nature. “We’re surrounded by plant life, to reach happiness here, you need to love nature. Pistil is very happy here.”


Athletic talents are a dime a dozen, they’re everywhere. There’s a big leap from being a great athlete to a great hockey player. Why will Pistil succeed as a professional hockey player? Yara relayed a childhood antidote of Pistil, “He just naturally took a liking to using a stick to hit a ball around. We got him a football when he was a baby, before he could even walk, his first instinct was to pickup a stick and hit the football with it. As he grew up, he always had a stick in his hands, he used that stick to complete most of his chores. I guess it just felt natural for him.”

Of course, there’s a lot more to hockey than just using a stick, like skating. Pistil had never even seen ice until he was 16 and received an invitation to try out for the Brazilian national junior hockey team. Pistil struggled initially and could not skate very well.



Pistil on the ice during Brazil Tryout


Pistil’s a quick learner and already has a finely-tuned balance thanks to his tree climbing escapades as a child. He was able to pickup skating fairly quickly, unfortunately not quick enough to make the team on his first tryout. He returned home sad but not defeated. His community was able to get money together and buy Pistil a synthetic ice rink.



Not Pistil and not the rainforest, but a representation of a player on synthetic ice.


Pistil was able to use the rink to master skating. Domini Maximus saw Pistil flying around on the rink with unbelievable puck handling skills and made an offer to him on the spot to join the Philadelphia Reapers. Pistil accepted the offer and is now a professional hockey player in the VHLM. His talent was recognized by the Yukon Rush, who drafted Pistil in the 1st round of the S74 VHLM Draft.



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