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New York Americans Dream Team


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I’ve been a member of the New York Americans for four seasons now. My current players entire career. But there is so many before me who came and went, doing great things for the team only to be forgotten by the ever turning hands of time. So I thought it would be fitting to dig into their history a bit and see who the best of the best were! When I got to looking, I realized there were a lot of highly skilled players who came for a season or three and then dipped out. Do those who never really served their time deserve such accolades? No, they don’t. So my team will consist of only players who spent a minimum of four seasons in New York (tried to do career players but we don’t have a lot of them!). True, loyal Americans. Here is my list! Three forwards, two defencemen and a goalie!


LW- Essian Ravenwing.

Ravenwing was an American from Season 51 to Season 55. His first season in New York was his second in the league, and wasn’t that impressive. After that though, he scored 79 points and then had seasons of 99, 91, and 106 before moving onto Riga for two more fantastic seasons. Ravenwing ranks 18th all time in VHL scoring with 685 points scored.


C- Unassisted 

Unassisted spent his final four seasons in New York, and is arguably the greatest player in VHL history. His four seasons in NY he put up 137, 135, 122, and 93 points. The first three seasons he played elsewhere, were all over 100 points. Unassisted sits fifth all time in points with 806 total points. He’s one of five to ever score over 800. He is the only one of those players, however, to play seven seasons instead of the full eight. Falling just 49 points shy of the all time lead, it will forever be an enigma as to why he hung them up early.


RW- Diana Maxwell

Maxwell spent five seasons in the 50’s with New York. She, like her dream team counterpart Unassisted, is in the top of the leagues all time scorers, sitting at 7th. In her five seasons with the team, she put up three seasons of 116+ point campaigns, including an incredible 137 in season 53.

D- Lance Flowers

Flowers was a second overall pick by New York in S67. Offensively, he was a force in his final few seasons scoring 68, 70, and 63 points. Flowers makes this list though for being the teams all time leading hitter with 1541 career hits, and third in shots blocked with 764.


D- Bobby Digital

The oldest player to appear on this list, Bobby Digital was drafted by the Americans in S49, pick unknown. He went on to play 7 seasons with the club, having some great offensive seasons in his final years (including a two season stretch where he amassed 155 assists and just ONE goal in two seasons). He is currently sitting comfortably as the teams all time leader in shots blocked with 850


G- A Red Guy

Have to give the all time goalie to A Red Guy. Through and through a loyal player, Red Guy spent his whole six season career in NY, retiring early just when his numbers were best. He had an incredible final season, posting a .928 Save% and eight shutouts on his way to winning goaltender of the year. 


(Two honourable mentions for goalie. One is Jakab Holik, who only played two seasons in NY but won 90 games with a save percentage of .930 and a GAA of about 1.5. One of the all time greats for goalies. The other is Ike Arkander, who spent all of his five seasons here. His final two, he won nearly 100 games and put up numbers similar to Holik in SV% and GAA.)

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17 minutes ago, Devise said:

I will always fondly remember that 50s NY run. Might be my best and most favorite GM stint. 


Got to do it with some legendary members with legendary players too. @gorlab @STZ @der meister Streetlight (whose name changed). Good times!


Still can't believe how bad the chemistry was with Maxwell and Ravenwing. You'd think a pure playmaker and a pure shooter would dominate, but man, oil and water. Still, hell of a nice run in NY

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