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SAZ finding stride


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Shawn Andrei Zyuzin took awhile to get his feet going in the VHLM. The last few weeks though he is finding his game scoring 3 goals and assisting on 15 goals for 18 points in 38 games. SAZ had about 6 points in his first 15 games so to pick it up in the next 23 is great. SAZ also has 119 hits on the season which places him 5th in the league. His 48 shots blocked aren't anything to write home but he is trying. Overall, this has been a very pleasing experience the past 20 games picking up his game. I can't wait to see where Philly ends up in the standings as well, the Reapers started well behind the eight ball as they had a tough schedule but now the Reapers are 8th, just 4 points behind 7th place in the standings.


Now it's time to look forward to the World Juniors, SAZ plans to make the Team Asia lines and hopefully Asia can do some damage in the tournament. I am not sure exactly who else will be on the team, but it should be a very fun experience. Last time I played in the WJC was in Season 65 I think but we ended up losing. This time I hope to win the whole thing.


It has been fun being back this time in the VHLM, I can't wait until I come into the new VHL with all the new teams, preferably Prague since they are one of the worst teams since S68 it seems, excluding the new teams.  

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