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VSN Australia question thread.


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1. One Australian hockey team in the NHL. What city should they be in?

2. Say there's only one copy of every album that has ever been made in the history of music and music streaming or duplication doesn't exist. If you could only have one, what's the album you would choose to own?

3. That's all the questions I have; just a fan of the podcast :)

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You should link this thread to your podcast thread to get more questions. 

Boot: What Canadian food (or beer) do you miss when you are in Australia? 
          What did you have to give the GF and or Wife to do the segment headers? 

What would you guys do with the cash store to make cash more appealing?

What changes would you make to make the off season less boring for people that miss the playoffs?

If you had to remove one animal (or insect) from Australia what would you pick?


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Do Australians get an inordinate amount of questions about their nation/culture, or is it simply curiosity about a weirdass country? 


Do you see yourselves having at least another couple of vhl players beyond your current guys? 


Besides your partner(s) ,does anyone else know that you have fake a hockey player?







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What’s the worst beer in Australia?


whats your favourite VHL moment? 


Whats your favourite  season youve been in so far?


does the VHL have as big as a recruitment drive as this past season or will a upcoming one surplus the amount that joined and stayed?


when will I get to a special guest?


and to really test @dasboot how was my podcast 😉

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Planet earth is going to be hit by a meteorite, you have time to eat one amazing last meal... what is it?


Fuck one, Kill one, Marry one - GO!  Margot Robbie, Blake Lively, Charlize Theron.


If you had to relocate any team, what would it be and where?


What is the best Australian food you'd tell a north american or "outsider" to try?


Most overrated VHL player? Most underrated? 

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Vegemite: describe how it tastes and if I should actually try it?


Do you guys find it difficult to engage with the bulk of the community, given the extreme difference in time zones from the majority of users?


What drew you to the VHL/kept you guys here?


Berocka: did you have any knowledge of hockey before joining the VHL?


Kangaroo meat is a bit gamey, how often do you guys eat it?


What's one animal/insect that's fairly prominent in Oz that you guys would never fuck with?


Last tim tam, which of you gets it/how? Thinking some sort of fight to the death here. 

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i just listened to this podcast

and i think it was one of my favorite ones ever


bringing back one of nyko's questions:


"how much do you think a kangaroo could bench press if it actually had arms"


Everyone should listen to this



also can you guys please say the words "garage" and "spam"

i like the way they sound

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Berocka talked in his last podcast about a GM audit. What do you guys think about GM turnover? Should there be limited terms for GMs to open opportunities? Is it possible to be a GM for too long?


quit reacting with the thinking face i'm just trying to start drama for some added entertainment

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