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My all-time VHLM dream team.


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Well... I don't think anyone is surprised I'm covering the VHLM for my 'dream team', as per the theme week instructions, since I was the general manager of a real VHLM team that absolutely dominated season sixty nine. I would absolutely classify this as a 'dream team' during my last season as Saskatoon's skipper, all the cards fell nicely into place and we pushed for numerous records and complete shattered others. Obviously, I'm going to be covering the S69 Saskatoon Wild, but you saw this coming.... right, I really hope you did, I'm not as egotistical as Bana (:eyes:) but I've got to toot my own horn sometimes.

The S69 Saskatoon Wild went 68-4-0, recorded 138 points, and scored a mind-blowing 408 goals. I'll try to put how asinine that accomplishment was by putting into perspective this way: the Wild dismantled the entire league that season, we had a goal differential higher than the next closest teams total goals for, and Lafontaine was the first goalie in some time to record over a .900 save percentage in a minor league team. Yes, the S69 Saskatoon Wild completely dominated, and we loved reading about it during the entire season.  

Now, as I understand it, the S74 Halifax team is prepared to push one particular topic: their roster is more competitive than the S69 Saskatoon Wild, and that just might be, but Halifax isn't breaking any records set by the S69 Wild team this season... are they? It's no secret that the VHLM is more competitive now than it was just a few seasons ago, teams are fuller and the league is larger, so they could actually put up a challenge against the S69 Champions. 


But what about a 3F-2D-1G fight? 

Alright, let me pick my team, and maybe Dil can pick his top three forwards, top three defenders and a goalie. 


I'll start with the forwards. 

#1: Ondrej Ohradka 


Ohradka's final season with Saskatoon was absolutely insane, the left wing scored 118 points on the top line that was shuffled around (IIRC) for the majority of the season, helping both himself and other players achieve a balanced scoring on a team that registered 408 goals. Ohradka is actually the Wild's leading goal scorer, his build was incredibly balanced and that's where the decision to choose him comes into play. As many people know, it's been determined that having 10 TPE between SC and PA, while having both under DF, allows a player in the VHLM to be considered successful. Ohradka has that, and so do the rest of his teammates. 


#2: Killy Foilen


Foilen joined Saskatoon as an active free agent, one of the rare times one was actually available to be chosen after a dispersal draft, so after the draft we approached him and described what we wanted to accomplish. After a few days, he joined the club, and although I wasn't able to get him the trophies he wanted... I'm hoping he was more than satisfied as his team destroyed everyone they touched. Have any of you guys seen the Beans commercial where they're on the moon, and running away from the monster? One by one they're all killed, and the last guy breathing was hiding behind a rock. He farts, and the monster turns around. Well... Saskatoon is that monster, and Foilen was a huge part of Saskatoon's dominance. 


#3: Dagmar Havlova


Choosing the final forward for Saskatoon was difficult, there are so many others that played absolutely remarkable for the entire season, but Havlova stands out for me here. This isn't a knock against any of the other forwards, not at all, but a nod to Diamond_Ace's acknowledgement in the role he played. You see... Dagger was the teams' very angry and rigid utility player, so to speak, as he played any role he was given on any line it was given to him. Offense? You bet! Defense, if he had too, and the list goes on. The stability Havlova provided with his superb build allowed Saskatoon to blossom in other areas.


#4: Edwin THE Encarnation

Whoa! Why didn't you select DeYeeto? Well... that's actually very simple to answer. DeYeeto was obviously a very successful defensemen with the Saksatoon Wild, made very clear by nearly sweeping the awards that season, but the user never really socialized within the locker room. Cram was satisfied just checking the box scores to see how he was doing, maybe saying a few words, and then disappearing. Meanwhile, Tagger, was more vocal and played a more important 'lock-down' role than DeYeeto. I made Encarnation the PK and DF specialist, while DeYeeto was jammed onto the PP and became our specialist on the blue-line during the powerplays. Generally, though, I pick Encarnation over DeYeeto for balance... it'll make more sense after my next pick. 


#5: David O'Quinn


O'Quinn was absolutely a defensive specialist, but the majority of the season he spent it on weaker pairings. The one weakness of the S69 SSK team was our top four, not because we didn't have strong defenders, but because our fourth defender wasn't strong. O'Quinn manned that line, lifting Porter up higher than he ever did lift himself in the VHL, and Porter was our fourth defender. The TPA difference between Porter's final build, and O'Quinn's, meant that the 'tough minutes' were more on David than Danny or Edwin. Together, though, they were quite the pairing... and that's why I'm choosing them. The balance of the builds complemented each other well, and DeYeeto seemed to only play well with a similarly built Encarnation. 


#6: Jacques Lafontaine


Lafontaine was an awesome goalie in the VHLM, and this was is pretty obvious my selection here, as he was the only Saskatoon goalie to make an appearance between the pipes the entire season. I believe we had a backup that went inactive shortly after, but I quite honestly can't recall, but it must not have been a thing because the portal isn't showing another. Put these six on a team, and sim them against the S74 HFX top six, I'd be genuinely curious of the results. 




Edited by Peace
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