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1) Since it's not been too long since you've joined the league, what are thoughts on the league so far as a whole?
Well, First off, I think the league I very cool, the GMs are really nice, and you actually have to accept contracts.

2) Are there any areas in the league that you would like to see a change/improvement? 
Yes, I would rather when you first join, you dont have to Quote them saying you accept to have them send you the offer, I want you to just recieve the offer on the My Contract Page, Then you just need to click accept or decline.

3) The VHLM Newsletter launched earlier this week, did you read it and was it helpful to you?
No, I have not read it unfortunately, But I will look forward to reading it!

4) What are your aims this season in the VHLM?
My Aims are to join a good team, prove I am a good RW, And Score Some goals and get drafted next season.

5) With the teams starting to take shape, who do you consider to be the favourite for the VHLM Founders Cup?
I Think, I would Choose Halifax The 21st.

6c) If a GM were to make you an offer, what kind of player would they be getting? (If you're currently unaffiliated).
They would be getting a serious, determined player, that grinds, and puts his teammates first.

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