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Vivek Weiner - Scouting report

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Vivek Weiner #19


High Level Comparison: Jack Eichel

Realisic Comparison: Eric Staal

Low Level ComparisonLawson Crouse




Vivek Weiner is explosive and slick power forward. at 6'2' already at 16, Vivek has the makings of a cornerstone first line center if he can fill out his body and improve his skillset. As of currently Vivek is a free agent awaiting a contract in the VHLM and surely will be an impact player once signed.




Having a big body on your team is one thing, having a big body who can move is another. Viveks combination of size and speed is what makes him so special. when on the rush Vivek is able to use his quick feet to drive wide then protect the puck using his frame to cut inside. Vivek is also agile enough to change directions quickly and stop and start on a dime.


Strength and physicality:

As noted above Vivek likes to use his physicality whenever possible. Along with using his size on the rush, Vivek also commonly uses his big body to win face-offs and battle along the boards. Vivek is also capable of making the open ice hit or two whenever its nessecary.



Whats also rare to see in a large player is the ability to control the puck. this however is not a problem for Vivek as he has very soft and quick hands which he uses to maneuver in tight spaces. Vivek also has decent eye hand co-ordination as you will see him bat the puck out of the air from time to time.



One of the most underrated attributes for a forward is how they play in there own end. Vivek does not struggle with this though as hes able to once again use his big frame and long reach to break up plays and cover up passing lanes.




attitude: While being extremely talented on the ice, its off the ice where most of his problems lie. Vivek is known to be slightly arrogant as he frequently gets in arguments with fellow players and even coaches. On the ice he's described as a lone wolf as he will play the way he wants to play no matter what anybody tells him. This can obviously create problems since many already label him as uncoachable.


Leadership: Despite being a high profile prospect in both Canada and Slovakia who's held to high regard, Vivek has never captained a team before which points to the fact that he may not have any leadership qualities. while this is not a game breaker, it should be important that your best layers lead the team at least by being a catalyst.


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