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Kaladin Kvothe spotted talking with VHLM players at an SBA game


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The British VHLM prospect that's expected to enter the league at the trade deadline was recently seen at an SBA pre-season game talking with Ajay Krishna @Hooperorama,formerly of the Ottowa Lynx. It's uncertain what they were talking about but speculations is rife on hockey twitter over where the talented forward could be landing when he makes his entry into the VHLM. There hasn't been any leaks from Kvothe's camp yet over any offers received but there is a decent amount of time left before the trade deadline, there also hasn't been much rumblings from any of the teams so far. Admittedly there is a fair amount of scepticism when it comes to players out of the UK due to a lack of pedigree compared to many other hockey powerhouses like Canada, US or the Scandinavian block. 


Krishna was not the only player in attendance there though as pics of an afterparty post-game saw Kvothe in a booth sitting with Lucifer Olivier Leveque @InstantRockstar who's has strong ties to the San Diego Marlins, an interesting fact as the Marlins was also the landing spot where Kvothe's mentor Raleigh Ritchie spent the majority of his VHLM career, and still is one of the highest point scorers in the teams history. Of course teams will only be able to retain Kvothe for half a season before he is lost to the dispersal draft but he could definitely add some depth to a team that is challenging for a title and needs an additional spark plug off of the bench

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