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#AsktheBouch: Signing VHLM (Minnesota Storm)


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Days after declaring himself ready for VHLM, sixteen year old Robert Bouchard has found him self as free agent signed by the Minnesota Storm. As the young Canadian looks a head to the VHLM S75 draft we were able to sit and ask the Bouchard some questions:


What was your most vivid memory of first playing hockey?


I remember my first time on skates and as a shy kid I wasn’t the most confident youngster to say the least but I was determined to play hockey. One thing I didn’t consider was skating and to play hockey you need to know how to skate. I was four years old and my dad took me skating for the first time; public skating on borrowed skates. I watched everyone from the bench for a while and realized I couldn’t do this. My dad came over and asked me why I wasn’t on the ice? I stated I couldn’t do this. He looked at me with simple disappointed face and being the shy nervous kid I was I started crying. He grabbed my shoulder and flatted stated,” Robert you will fail 100% of the time you don’t try. No one is good the first time, second time or even the third time but if you keep coming back you will get a little bit better each time until one day you have succeeded. Now lets get on the ice and at least try. You will fall and you will bruise but as long as you pick yourself up and try then you will succeed.”


He was right; I fell a lot that day over a bit of an hour but by the end of that hour I could stand on the skates without falling and I could push myself two or three strides before I fell but I will always remember it didn’t matter as long as I picked myself up. 


Next week VHL.com/XM Radio/590 we will continue the interview with Robert Bouchard in a new segment we like to call #AsktheBouch, as we follow the Canadian progress towards VHLM draft and his first season.

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